PMI Manitoba Board of Directors

Juan Saldivar, P.Eng., PMP


Rafael Vitorelli, PMP

Vice President, Operations

Debbie Radtke

Vice President, Member Services

Karin Ross, PMP

Director, Governance

Vipul Vadher, PMP

Director, Finance

Natalya Petrekin, PMP

Director, Marketing

Hanif Young, M.Sc., PMP

Director, IT

Peter Owoade, PMP

Director, Monthly Programs

Emmanuel Oladapo, PMP

Director, Professional Development

Jonnathan Cruz, PMP

Director, Membership

Suzy Gilbert

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Outreach

Michael Hanna, P.Eng., PMP


PMI Manitoba Board of Directors has 5 officer and 6 director positions. The Officers are President, Vice-President Operations, Vice-President Membership, Governance, and Finance. The Director positions are Membership, Monthly Events, Networking Events, Professional Development, IT, and Marketing.

All positions are 2 year terms (with certain positions having the option to extend for a second term) and are elected annually at the chapter's Annual General Meeting. The Vice-President automatically becomes President and subsequently Past President. The Board meets approximately 12 times a year. 

To see how the board is organized, have a look at our Organization Chart.

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