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Stephanie Staples
Stephanie Staples

Stephanie Staples Bio:

Master motivator Stephanie Staples is a multi-titled author, CJOB radio host and social entrepreneur works who with busy professionals from the Mayo Clinic to the Middle East. She is a Manitoba Women Entrepreneur of the Year award winner for Contributions to Community, a re-Wired nurse and triathlete (she came in last, but who’s counting?) with programs proven to increase feelings of hope, happiness & empowerment for participants.  Are you impressed yet? She also bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie!

Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work and Life!

If you have ever been tired, overwhelmed, stressed and it’s not even lunchtime yet, you will need to hear this presentation. 

If you have ever felt like there was not enough time, energy and motivation to do the things you know you ‘should’ do, you will appreciate this presentation.

If you have significant relationships that have room for improvement, you should grab your pen and paper and run, not walk, into this presentation!

Steph knows firsthand that we can only do good if we feel good and we can only feel good if we are willing to look at our lives beyond our work, yep we have to look into the mirror. Yikes!  Journey on this high energy, no holds barred presentation as Stephanie peels the layers back and exposes not only what you need to do to bring your ‘A’ game to your life and livelihood but how to do it - sustainably!

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