Get Involved

Get Involved

The key to any effective organization is people who are committed to the common mission. The PMI Manitoba Chapter has been fortunate to have many motivated people participate in building and maintaining the chapter. PMI Manitoba is led by Board volunteers, run by volunteers, and utilizes volunteers for most of the tasks needed to make it the organization that it is.

There are many benefits to volunteering with the PMI Manitoba Chapter:

  • Networking with other Project Managers
  • An opportunity to apply Project Management skills
  • To learn more about PMI
  • Opportunity to earn PDU's
  • To gain more knowledge about Project Management
  • To give back to our profession
  • Looks great on a resume
  • Personal sense of achievement and accomplishment
  • To have fun and make new friends

Volunteer today and experience the personal benefits that you will receive! 



The Chapter only maintains its excellence through the efforts of its members. 

Check out the list of committees to the right and if interested, send a request to the Director of that committee. 

For general enquiries or if you would like to volunteer but have no specific committee preference send an email to PMI Manitoba's

Volunteer in IT

This committee publishes the Chapter newsletter, coordinates the ongoing maintenance of the Chapter website, maintains the online registrations system for event and provides Communication resources to other Chapter portfolios. 

Externally responsible for Chapter LinkedIn and Twitter.

For more information: 
Contact the Director of IT

Volunteer in Marketing

This committee is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the Marketing Plan, Marketing Sponsorship & Advertising Package, developing and coordinating external publicity programs to publicize & promote the Chapter, PMI and their various activities across a broad spectrum of the local population; and ordering and maintenance of PMI promotional material. 

For more information: 
Contact the Director of Marketing

Volunteer in Membership

This committee is responsible for the continued growth of the Chapter Membership through recruitment and by retaining members. Membership committee maintains an active membership database, identifies membership opportunities, provides membership application kits and responds to request for PMI information to potential members. They also provide registration support at the monthly Chapter luncheons. 

For more information: 
Contact the Vice President of Member Services

Volunteer in Professional Development

This committee is responsible for all training, education and professional development provided by PMI Manitoba. The portfolio is broken down into 4 committees:

    • Education - responsible for providing advanced training workshops

    • PMP/CAPM Information and Study Group - responsible for providing information sessions, assistance in setting up PMP and CAPM study groups, mentoring and guidance in PMP application preparation.

    • RRC Partnership - responsible for liaison with Red River College (RRC) on input to the Certificate in Project Management and PMI Manitoba library (which resides within the RRC College library.

  • Professional Development - responsible for delivering the annual Project Management Conference.

For more information: 
Contact the Director of Professional Development

Volunteer in Programs (Monthly Programs and Networking Events)

This committee is responsible for planning and implementing the monthly Chapter meetings, annual curling event, annual golfing event, Annual General Meeting, and PMP/CAPM Recognition night, etc. This group arranges speakers, facilities, prizes, attendance, registration, speaker gifts, door prizes, MC, and preparation of the communications. 

For more information: 
Contact the Director of Monthly Events or Director of Networking Events


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