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Vice President, Member Services

DW Nov 222c 2017

Qualifications: In June, 2014, I joined Red River College in the role of Program Manager, Business and Management, School of Continuing Education. I develop and sustain relevant programming for individuals seeking to advance their career goals through professional development, recruit and coach subject matter experts to teach, manage all strategic and budgetary aspects that impact my portfolio and build collaborative partnerships with internal and external clients. Previously I spent 14 years with the University of Winnipeg, in business development, custom and contract training and establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships. I have over 35 years of experience in various fields including education, business, banking and service. My volunteer history is equally long with roles in the community, recreation, church, social service fields and charitable organizations. During these years of work, post-secondary education and volunteer experience I’ve honed my skills in multi-disciplined communications, project management, relationship building, strategic planning, marketing, business development and sales.

Vision: As VP Member Services, I’m committed to moving our chapter toward better value for our members and sponsors. As a key participant in the reorganization of the chapter executive, I believe my role as VP, Member Services is to ensure that every one of our current members finds value in the services, programs, education and support that we offer. I’m actively involved in all networking initiatives that reach out to various groups of our membership, support the availability of professional development opportunities through Conference, Workshop and Information Session events, actively recruit new members and meet with many current members to determine what needs are important to the different segments of our membership.

I believe the key to volunteer, work and personal relationships is the spirit of collaboration in a respectful environment. I value my professional relationship with PMI Manitoba both as a member since 2005 and an engaged volunteer and attendee of all chapter events. I've developed strong personal and professional relationships with many chapter members and am excited to be an active part of the on-going evolution of the local chapter.

Experience: I was appointed to the role of VP Member Services in October, 2014 and elected to the role for 2015-17. Previously I was Director of Marketing for 18 months.

Education: University of Winnipeg, BBA (in progress), Masters Certificate in Business Analysis (York U, UW, 2006), Management Certificate (UW, 2005), Human Resources Management Diploma (UW, 2005), Masters Certificate in Project Management (York U, UW, 2002)

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